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2015: My Year in Review


There are five days left in 2015, so #2015BestNine is trending on Instagram, so I had to make my own photo collage!

In the tag, you post your favorite nine moments from 2015.
So I’d like to share mine with you!

2015: My Year in Review // Instagram Best Nine // by Desire Chanteuse, Alabama fashion and beauty blogger and YouTuber

I’ll go from left to right starting at the top.
1.) At Bishop State Community College, I was runner-up for Campus Queen. And every year, the Queens’ court participates in a local Mardi Gras parade. This pic is from before the parade. That was the first time I ever rode on a float, & we had some pretty embarrassing moments on it, too! One girl knocked my crown off my head and into the street, so a good Samaritan jumped the barricade (which is illegal!) to pick it up and throw it up to me! Then, we ran out of stuff on our side of the float, and people booed us! We just stood there & did the ‘princess wave.’
2.) I turned 20 this year! And since my birthday was near graduation, I got double-gifts! Among other things, I received a purse, money, gift cards, and my dad also bought me a new dresser (not pictured).

3.) I graduated with my Associate’s degree from Bishop in May! This is one of my most proudest moments! The cool thing about getting my A.A. is that when I get my Bachelor’s, I get to say I graduated college twice!

4.) I applied to Spring Hill College VERY last minute! As in June! This pic is from when I visited them in July. I was blown away by how beautiful the campus is, and the traditions they informed us about. The school was founded in 1830, hence the building styles. SHC is a Jesuit, Catholic school, and the bottom pic is the Chapel.

5.) This was taken after my car purchase was finalized, and I was super excited! I actually just got my license back in February, so I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to drive! That same day was orientation at SHC, which I missed portions of because I running back and forth doing paperwork for my car.

6.) This was taken on my first day at SHC! I was showing off those expensive books, my Hello Kitty decorated laptop, and my school tee, which I wore that day! I told my Instagram followers about how I still had first day jitters! Mainly because I was transferring as a junior, so I knew most people already were set in their circle of friends. And since SHC has about 1,200+ students, just about everybody knows everybody! And I knew no one!

7.) I launched my blog in late October, and my first post, The Ultimate Guide to Managing School & Work, was uploaded! Sooo many people read it, and I’m so proud of it. I was shocked to see that even people in other countries read it! Being a perfectionist, I worked on that post for hours because I wanted my first post to be great!

8.) I added this pic because I think it’s so beautiful. My friend Julius took it with my DSLR, and so many people compliment me on it. I even put it on my portfolio website (for my journalism school work). My teachers know I want to do something with a beauty/fashion magazine or website as a career, so they loved it!

9.) This last pic is from this month. I was sharing my semester grades because my friends were also posting theirs. I ended the semester with a 3.35. I also wrote a post, Junior Year Goals Update, about it.

Of course, none of this is possible without the grace of God, and I am truly thankful for the amazing year I had!

Did you participate in #2015BestNine? What were your best moments of 2015?
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