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How to Set Attainable Blog+Biz Goals for 2017 + My 2016 Blog Stats

A new year means settings new goals for yourself. The key to making goals and reaching them is to set attainable goals!

Although you want to aim high, you must take steps to get there.

Break your goals into short-term and long-term goals. That way, once you reach the short-term goal, you will feel accomplished and motivated to reach the next one.

Another tip is to set weekly or monthly goals, and pledge to give yourself a reward when you reach a goal.


Weekly goals: Lose 2 pounds
January goal: Lose 8 pounds
Reward: Buy new jeans!


Here’s a look at the short and long term goals I set for 2016. I crossed out what I completed.

Personal goals for 2016 (short-term):

  • Stick to gym schedule
  • Stop hitting snooze on alarm clock
  • Get more sleep
  • Stick to budget
  • Eat healthier

Personal goals for 2016 (long-term):

  • Continue to grow my relationship with God
  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Save up for an emergency fund (goal= $1,500)

Blogging goals (short-term):

  • Continue to grow social media followers
  • Get over 100 unique visitors for one post
  • Stick to editorial calendar

Blogging goals (long-term):

  • Have 1,000+ Instagram followers
  • Have 200+ Facebook followers
  • Have 1,000+ Twitter followers
  • Get a sponsored post
  • Start a mailing list/newsletter
  • Get 500+ unique monthly visitors

I feel that if I had not taken a break from blogging, I would have reached all of my blogging goals. Thankfully, I started taking my blog more seriously back in August 2016, and in September 2016, I purchased my domain and moved over to self-hosted WordPress.

My 2016 Blogging/Social Media Stats:

Most Popular Post: “How to Have a Professional Blog on Any Budget”

2nd Most Popular Post: “How To Effectively Use A Planner”

3rd Most Popular Post: “OOTD: Preppy Vest Outfit with Riding Boots”

Top Traffic Referrer (meaning the source of incoming blog visitors): Pinterest

Facebook followers:

  • Beginning of year: 76
  • End of year: 466

YouTube followers:

I created my channel back in November. I had 16 subscribers by the end of the week in which I uploaded my first video. On Jan 1st, I had 61 subscribers.

Twitter followers:

  • Beginning of year: 358
  • End of year: 763

Instagram followers

  • Beginning of year: 497
  • End of year: 788

My Instagram and Twitter saw a huge increase of followers in November, due to new strategies I implemented and choosing better hashtags. I have shared those tips and hashtags exclusively with my free Facebook group “Millennial Bloggers Collective.” We have daily promo threads for social media, blog post sharing, and more. I also share tips with them periodically, and previous topics include how to beat writers’ block, how to protect your blog from cyber criminals, and more.

I started November with 520 followers, and after two weeks I had 680! I attribute the increase to posting every day, and changing the hashtags I used. My average likes used to be 30-4o, and is now 130+. To get my exclusive Instagram and Twitter tips, click the photo below to join my free Facebook group.

Millennial Bloggers Collective | a free Facebook group by Desire Chanteuse


Other Things I accomplished in 2016:

  • I finally opened my business, Desire Chanteuse Photography. My services include portrait photography for families, children, and senior portraits in Mobile, Alabama, and graphic design for bloggers and other small businesses (worldwide!).
  • I purchased my domain and moved over to self-hosted WordPress.
  • I improved my credit score! I check it with Credit Karma, and they actually email you when it changes. (No, I’m not an affiliate!) It’s free by the way.
  • I got my first real credit card. (I’m not counting my Firestone card because virtually everyone gets approved for store cards.) I only use it for emergencies, such as car repairs, and for groceries when I’m flat broke.
  • I filmed and blogged about my first makeup tutorial, “Smokey Gold Eye+BB Cream: A Simple Makeup Tutorial with Affordable Products” (links to the blog post, so you read the list of products).


 My 2017 Goals


Personal Goals:

  • Continue to grow my relationship with God (I include this every year!)
  • Lose 40 pounds; goal weight=140 pounds or less
  • Find my bae
  • Pay off my credit card debt ($2,225)
  • Workout at least 4 times per week
  • Create a budget and stick to it

Business Goals (short-term):

  • Book at least 4 photography clients this month as portfolio building sessions
    • Setting the clocks back and bad weather really took a toll on booking clients last year.
    • If you’re in Mobile, Alabama, feel free to send me an email! I have a special I will be advertising soon.
  • Book at least 2 graphic design clients this month

Business Goals (long-term):

  • Take my business full-time, so I can leave the 9-5 and work from home!

Blogging goals (short-term):

  • Post to Instagram everyday Monday-Friday, and occasionally post on weekends
  • Have 1,000 Instagram followers (I had 788 as of Jan 1st)
  • Have 100 YouTube subscribers
  • Get 1,000+ monthly page views
  • Stick to editorial calendar
  • Send out my blog newsletter every week (once per week)

Blogging goals (long-term):

  • Post to Instagram twice everyday Monday-Friday, and once on Saturdays
  • Work with a professional photographer for my fashion photos. (I usually have my mom take them.)
  • Have 2,500+ Instagram followers
  • Get a paid/sponsored post
  • Have 2,500+ YouTube subscribers
  • Get 5,000+ monthly page views
  • Have 500+ newsletter subscribers

How to Stay on Track With Blogging Goals

The key to this is to have an editorial calendar! This calendar is where you plan your blog posts out, and you can also write out daily tasks that will help you meet your deadlines. I find that writing my tasks out helps me stay on track because I color code everything by order of importance.

To make sure you never run out of post ideas, plan posts around upcoming holidays.
Examples: Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial, Your Christmas Traditions/Recipes, DIY Easter Baskets, etc.

You can also do a quick search on Pinterest for “blog prompts,” and hundreds of ideas will show up.

I have a day job, so the time I spend at home is split between building my business and working on my blog. (My blog is not my business by the way. My photography/design business is.)

Here’s a real example from my planner:

Sat. 11-20: Film first YouTube video “10 Fun Facts”
Tues: First edit (get rid of bloppers)
Wed: Continue editing
Thurs: Final edit; make snippet for Instagram
Sat/Sun: Make graphics (blog post cover, Pinterest pin, YouTube thumbnail, etc.)
Mon: Upload and promote!
Tues: Email blog subscribers about being on YouTube

I also like to use my planner to plan my Instagram and Twitter posts.

I have three Instagram accounts. One for blogging, one for my photography biz, and one for my graphic design biz.

Here’s an example from my design Instagram:

Mon: Post #MoodboardMonday photo
Tues: #TipTuesday: Share photo from blog tips series
Wed: #WisdomWednesday: Share a inspirational quote.

I really hope this post inspired you to set goals for 2017! What is something you plan to achieve this year? Chat with me in the comments sections below.

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