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November 2016 Goals

Another new series I’ve decided to implement on my blog is creating a goals post at the beginning of each month. It’s my hope that by setting monthly goals, I can hold myself accountable and manifest these things into reality! Blogging/Business Related Goals Hit 1,000 Followers on Instagram Since I’ve started being way more active on the platform as well as engaging with others on there, I’ve had a huge increase in followers. On the morning of Nov.1st, I hit 600 followers! 1,000 might seem  ...

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October Bath, Beauty, and Health Favorites

Starting with this month, I’ll be doing a new series where I share my favorite products I used during the month. For October, I’m sharing my favorite bath, beauty, and health products. Being that I’m hoping to take my business from part time to full time, I’m saving costs anyway I can to be prepared when I leave my day job. So everything on this list can be purchased for under $10. [This is not a sponsored post, and all products were purchased by moi.] 1-Equate Cocoa Body Lotion This bottle  ...

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Bible Verses for Dealing With Anxiety

Life has definitely been a little more crazy than usual for me! On top of running a business while still working at my day job, my own business had to be put on the back burner last week. My car had to be put in the shop due to a bad oil leak, which cost about $600 in repairs. Then, a loved one very close to me was hospitalized for almost a week, so my stress level was just through the roof. (I don’t want to say who it is because they’re a very private person.) As I sat in the hospital  ...

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