Cute trend alert: Riding Boots + Socks!

Riding Boots and Socks Winter Fashion by Desire Chanteuse


The temperature is finally dropping in lower Alabama, so let’s get those boots out!

Isn’t socks with riding boots just the cutest trend right now?!

If you’re going to wear socks with your boots, be sure to purchase the correct sock length!

For my knee high boots (these were also called “extended calf”), I had to purchase over-the-knee socks. I have to roll them down, because they actually reach to my thighs, but the longer the better, so people can actually see them.

And the cuter the better! You probably can’t tell in the pictures, but my socks are frilly and lacy.

Another tip: So people can see your socks, I suggest wearing light colored or white socks with dark colored pants. Or if you’re wearing light colored pants, wear your dark colored socks.

Scroll down to see where I bought everything & more fashion inspo!

I actually fought tooth & nails for these boots!

I did Black Friday last week. Well, really gray Thursday, because I went on Thursday. And I stopped by JC Penny because they were having all boots on sale for $20. And if you know me, you know I HAD to be there. I left that great homemade potato salad and turkey at home and sped down the street to the mall. And girl, that line was loooong. But somehow, I made it!

I managed to get these really cute boots I keep getting nonstop questions about (don’t stop tho, I love it!). I had to push through like 50 sweaty women to get to them. I have never been so uncomfortable!

I only paid $10 for the boots because since I got there early, they passed out surprise coupons. Mine was for $10 off a $10+ purchase!

Riding Boots and Socks Winter Fashion by Desire Chanteuse


About this outfit:

Coat: by Jou Jou (a gift)

Boots: JC Penney ($10, originally $90; I got them during Black Friday)

Socks: Payless ShoeSource ($5, originally $10)

Jeans: Walmart ($8, originally $20)

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