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Junior Year Goals Update


Junior Year Goals Update // by Desire Chanteuse, Alabama fashion and beauty blogger and YouTuber // tags: college blogger, university life

Well, my first semester at Spring Hill college is officially over! After holding my breath, final grades have finally been posted. I thought I should revisit my list of goals I set for this school term, and see what I have accomplished so far. I wasn’t planning on writing a post like this, but Hailey’s goals update on inspired me!

My junior year goals are:

1.) Get a car.

I bought my first car in August! After two years of taking public transportation to school, I finally gave in and purchased my cute little red Altima, whom I’ve affectionately named Logan. Logan, of course, in reference to my favorite movie/comic book character Wolverine!

2.) Decide on a major.

Can you believe I was originally going to attend community college to major in office administration?! Thank goodness I changed it to general studies! My associate’s degree in gen. ed. allowed me to transfer anywhere and have all my basic requirements for a bachelor’s completed.

So, my intended major changed from accounting to business to music. Then, I found out you have to pass Calculus to be a business major, and pre-cal was NOT good to me.

When I transferred to SHC, I was a Public Relations major. I’ve always loved writing, and my writing class (& my awesome advisor!) helped me realize how talented I am. So I decided to change it to Journalism, which is what I considered back in high school. And I couldn’t be happier!

3.) Be on the Dean’s List both semesters 

Welp, this was a bust! When you transfer, your gpa doesn’t carry over; only your classes carry over.

Because of that one ‘C’ this semester, my gpa is 3.357! While I’m disappointed in that grade, I am VERY relieved that I don’t have to take that class over!

Visual Communications is harder than it sounds! We also had to learn numerous philosophies, technical terms, ancient history, etc. And it involved more reading than my writing class! If I wasn’t working two jobs, I feel like I would have done better.

4.) Join an organization.

I’m excited about this one! While I couldn’t join too much because of my schedule, I’m very excited about being a part of the school newspaper next semester! The faculty advisor happens to be my academic advisor/writing class professor, so I’m very excited to work with him.

5.) Get an on campus job to supplement my main job.

Having an on-campus job is so much fun! Not only do you make new friends, but you sometimes get the inside scoop about things going on around campus before your friends do! At my on-campus job, I help raise money for my school, so it’s pretty rewarding.

6.) Don’t procrastinate!

Sadly, I’m still working on this one…Honestly, it’s just hard to start on things for classes I’m not excited about, i.e. that visual communications class. For my final project for that class, I had to do a 1500-word paper and a power point. I wasn’t too happy about the topic chosen, so I waited until the day before it was due.

7.) Exercise more! 

My fall schedule allowed for me to have some me-time between classes and my on-campus job, so I would use that time to go running. For me, running is a great stress reliever. My ultimate goal is to lose 30 pounds and get back to my freshman year weight of 130 pounds.

8.) Secure an internship for spring or summer.

Still working on this as well. I’m hoping to intern with the local alternative newspaper or one of the local magazines. In the meantime, I’m improving my photography skills to set me a part from other students! I took some great photos at a Christmas parade last Saturday that will be uploaded soon.

9.) Stick to a budget.  (Sort of?..)

OMG, it seems like every time I make the effort to make a budget, something always changes. I find that the easiest way to not overspend is to withdraw my paycheck at the ATM (I do direct deposit), and just use cash rather than my card for everything. That way, I can actually SEE the money go, and I don’t overspend.

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Mimi

    January 2, 2016 at 7:27 AM

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments and for chasing your dreams, rather than boys. You remind me of myself soooo much. Have a great 2016 #getitgirl 👊

    1. desiretp

      January 2, 2016 at 7:52 AM

      Thanks, hun! & I definitely do not have any room in my schedule for boys lol. You have a great 2016 as well! xoxo, Desire

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