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How to Set Attainable Blog+Biz Goals for 2017 + My 2016 Blog Stats

A new year means settings new goals for yourself. The key to making goals and reaching them is to set attainable goals! Although you want to aim high, you must take steps to get there. Break your goals into short-term and long-term goals. That way, once you reach the short-term goal, you will feel accomplished and motivated to reach the next one. Another tip is to set weekly or monthly goals, and pledge to give yourself a reward when you reach a goal. Example: Weekly goals: Lose 2 pounds  ...

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Smokey Gold Eyes+BB Cream Makeup Tutorial for Beginners (with Affordable Products)

Hey, y’all! My first beauty video for YouTube is here. It’s a smokey gold eye shadow look, and is perfect for those with hooded eyes (which I have), or if you’re a beginner. Rather than using foundation, I’m wearing a BB cream, so it’s a look that can be achieved quickly for heading out, going to a party, going to work, etc. For this tutorial, I’m using 100% drugstore products. When you have hooded eyes, the key is to apply shadow to your crease too, and  ...

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OOTD: Preppy Vest Outfit with Riding Boots

Fall/Winter Fashion:Β Preppy Vest Outfit with Riding Boots If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my style is pretty feminine–lots of pink and pastel colors! And usually I’m in a dress! But it’s getting colder in lower Alabama, so that means having to put on ~real~ pants. And I can finally brush the dust off my riding boots! Here’s today’s outfit of the day, “Preppy Vest Outfit.”     I can never decide between wearing my  ...

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Top 10 Contemporary Christmas Songs Playlist + Honorable Mentions

It’s the first day of Decemeber, y’all! Which means non-stop Christmas music without annoying people! (Hey, don’t judge me for listening to “Christmas & Chill”Β in September!) So, today I’m sharing my top 10Β contemporary Christmas songs. I love original Christmas songs, and spins done on classics. I made a YouTube playlist of the top ten,Β plus the honorable mentions, which can be found at the end of this post. Top 10 Contemporary Christmas Songs (#1)  ...

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