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How to Effectively Use a Planner in College

Ever been thrown for a loop because an assignment or project caught you off guard? If so, an academic planner (aka an agenda) would definitely help you out! I do realize that school has been in for a while now, but I wrote an article on school organization for my school’s newspaper. And many of my peers found it helpful, especially the ones who were not organized yet. So I really hope this post helps my blog audience out too! At the bottom you will find the link to my free mini eBook  ...

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Back to School #OOTD and 2016 Goals

Today my second semester at Spring Hill College starts, & I’m so excited! I’m so excited, I showed up at the wrong class time!   Since it’s a new calendar year and a new school term, these are the goals I’ve set: School-related goals: Keep GPA above 3.5 Get work published in the school newspaper Secure an internship with one of the local magazines STOP PROCRASTINATING! Complete readings during the weekend Personal goals for 2016 (short-term): Stick to gym  ...

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2015: My Year in Review

  There are five days left in 2015, so #2015BestNine is trending on Instagram, so I had to make my own photo collage! In the tag, you post your favorite nine moments from 2015. So I’d like to share mine with you! I’ll go from left to right starting at the top. 1.) At Bishop State Community College, I was runner-up for Campus Queen. And every year, the Queens’ court participates in a local Mardi Gras parade. This pic is from before the parade. That was the first time I  ...

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Junior Year Goals Update

  Well, my first semester at Spring Hill college is officially over! After holding my breath, final grades have finally been posted. I thought I should revisit my list of goals I set for this school term, and see what I have accomplished so far. I wasn’t planning on writing a post like this, but Hailey’s goals update on inspired me! My junior year goals are: 1.) Get a car. I bought my first car in August! After two years of taking public transportation  ...

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