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10+ Creative Ways to use Styled Stock Photos AND A Free Photo Set

Today I’m sharing a free set of feminine styled stock photos and frames. But first, read this post to learn how to best put them to use.

Creative Ways To Use Styled Stock Photos

The example images are purposely low-res to save server space. The photo pack images are high-res & each image size is 8 MB+.

Blog Post Image/Pinterest Graphic

Create a “Pinterest worthy” image that advertises your latest blog post. More attractive images equal more blog traffic! Be sure to utilize your brand’s colors and fonts for a cohesive look with your blog images.


Pro tip: Vertical pins that are 735 px wide do better than horizontal pins on Pinterest. The height doesn’t matter.
See also: 2016 Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet (includes the new Pinterest board cover size)

Instagram or Facebook Feed Photos

You can overlay stock photos with inspiring quotes written in your brand’s colors and fonts and share them on days like #MotivationMonday or really anytime you feel like it!
2 ig quote example

Use the photo to engage your audience, ending with a call to action.
3 cta example
Use the photo and caption it along the lines of “New post #OnTheBlog! {insert post info}”.

Twitter or Facebook Cover Image

You can place the photo as is in the cover area.
4 twitter cover example

You can overlay your brand name or logo on the image. If you go this route, you could choose to crop a portion of the image then place your logo over it like I did. I used the crop tool in Photoshop and set the dimensions to 828px X 315px, placed the crop box over the part of the image I wanted, then added my logo. I also changed the opacity of the photo to about 80% or 85%, so the logo was more visible.
See also: 2016 Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet (no sign up required)
5 facebook cover example


Product Mockup

You can overlay a photo of your printable, artwork, or other product in the white space of the image. Then, resize as needed. Be sure to ‘constrain proportions’ so the inserted image isn’t warped.

6 product mockup example

One of the free styled stock photos included below

Or if it’s artwork, place it in the frame.
7 printable mockup example
You can do this with free Photoshop alternatives, like GIMP or online editors.
For how to easily edit mockups, see my tutorial: The Quick Guide to Editing Mockups

Navigation/Sidebar Bar Image

Resize the image to the correct dimensions of your sidebar. If you’re using Photoshop or GIMP, go to Image > Image Size. Be sure ‘Constrain Proportions’ is checked. Then enter the width of your sidebar, and the proportional height will be calculated for you. Overlay the image with the category name then upload to your blog. You’ll most likely have to use html and edit the code for clickable images so site visitors can click it and be directed to that category.
The html code is: <a href=”URL1″><img src=”URL2″></a>
URL1 is the address to link to; URL2 is the address of the uploaded image. You can find the image url through your media directory.
8 sidebar example
Adjust the background image’s opacity, if needed, to make the text more readable.

You could also use the image as a sidebar call to action.
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Don’t want to design your own Call To Action buttons? You can hire me to create them for you.

E-Book/Workbook Covers

Whether you’re buying a stock photo or getting one from a free site, be sure the license terms allow you to use the image for e-book covers. Some sites/photographers do not allow this or they may not want it used for a commercial, mass distribution production. Or they may want you to pay an additional fee to do so.
For my e-book, I set the crop dimensions to letter sized (8.5 in X 11 in) & 300 dpi, then only used the part of the image that fit in those constraints.

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Here’s a preview of the free styled stock photos:

A Free Set of Feminine Styled Stock Photos, Frames, and Mockups AND 10+ Creative Ways to use Styled Stock Photos | Desire Chanteuse

The files can be downloaded as 300 dpi hi-res PNGs or PSDs. To receive the link and password for the subscribers’ only freebies page, subscribe to the blog newsletter. As a newsletter subscriber, you’ll also be the first to know about new freebies, blog posts, and my Etsy shop releases. You’ll also receive free styled stock photos once per month as well. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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10+ Creative Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos, Plus Free Styled Stock Photos | by Desire Chanteuse


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