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The Quick Guide to Editing Mockups

I’m using Photoshop, but you should be able to do the following in GIMP. This tutorial is for editing PSD files. To edit the PNGs, scroll down further.
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How to Edit PSD Mockups:

Open the PSD and the image you want to put into the mockup. Drag the desired image over to the PSD file.
step 1

The image will open as a new layer as the very top layer. Then, right click that layer and select “Create Clipping Mask.” This will insert the image into the box/layer titled “Insert…”
step 2

The image will appear too big for the box, so go to Edit > Transform > Scale.
step 3

Be sure to constrain proportions if necessary. In my version, you do this by selecting the chain icon.
step 4

Voilà! You’ve inserted your image! Now, save it as a png or jpg, so you can upload it.

step 5
You can even crop unwanted areas out so it can better fit the feeds of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.
step 6

How to Edit the PNGs:

This works in Photoshop, GIMP, Photoscape, and most online editing programs. This tutorial is shown using Photoscape.
Step one, either drag the image you want to insert onto the canvas or find the ‘insert photo’ icon and add the desired photo.
png step 1

Drag the adjustment arrow from one of the corners to constrain proportions (if necessary).
png step 2

Be sure none of the colored box is showing from under the image.
png step 3

Then save as a png or jpg to share!


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