Top 5: Who & What I’m Thankful For

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I just want to share my list with y’all!



Prayer has gotten me through so much. And He always delivers. Every obstacle I’ve faced that I couldn’t solve on my own, He always solved it for me.

Case in point: When I was buying my car back in August, the bank employees didn’t want to approve my loan. I was already driving the car around because the salesman knew I was trying to get to my new school, and I already paid my down payment. So to have it snatched away from me would have been upsetting. So my mom said “pray about it.” It might sound silly, but when I pray for myself, I only pray for ‘big things.’ This was one of them. And I told myself, “If God wants me to have this car, he’ll let me have it. If not, it’s not meant to be.” And y’all, about five minutes later I got a call from the salesman, and he told me he took the issue to the corporate level where I was approved! I was ecstatic!


My Parents

Since I’m a commuter student, I see them every day, and while they are absolutely crazy, I love them so much! I rely on Mom for fashion advice, great home cooking, and a shoulder to lean on when I’m stressed. And Dad is always there for great misguided advice, fixing things up, killing bugs, and he loves surprising me with gas money! #TheStruggleIsReal, ya know!


Financial Aid

I’m so blessed that I’m able to go to school and not have to worry about being in debt when I graduate. By doing great at community college, the college I transferred to (Spring Hill College) provided me with scholarships and grants based on my school performance & income. They even give everyone who visits the school a $1k grant! So after all of that, combined with what the FAFSA awarded me, about 98% of my costs were met. I actually never thought I would even get to go to SHC.


My Boss

My boss at my main job is the absolute best! He’s actually my first boss because I never had a job before sophomore year. I’m thankful for him because I’m able to set my work hours around my school schedule each semester. Finals week is the worst tho, lol. I’ve been there for over a year now, so he’s survived about three semesters with me. I don’t think there’s many employers out there like this, and I’m so grateful.


Living in the U.S.

Beautiful USA flag

I love my country! I’m grateful to live in a country as free as ours. And as a future journalist, I’m grateful to have the First Amendment because so many countries practice censorship and also limit what their citizens are allowed to view.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? If you made a list, link me to yours!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! And if you’re traveling, be safe!





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